Pitney Bowes Di950

Pitney Bowes Di950 from ADI Business Machines

2322 N. Batavia St. Orange, CA 92808

Company Profile
We can custom build your Di950 to fit your specific needs.

ADI Business Machines maintains a large inventory of Pitney Bowes model 950 inserting machines that have been refurbished by Pitney Bowes-certified technicians. We understand that most businesses do not want to commit to a long term lease, which is why we provide these machines at a worldwide discounted cost. We can offer as much as a 50% savings since 1986 over Pitney’s list price, and our Di950 units can be configured to meet most – if not all – applications, from basic programs to high security applications.
Technical Specifications
• Throughput: 5,400 per hour
• Monthly capacity: 120,000
• Fold options: C, Z, Half, Double, No Fold
• Integrity options: OMR, 1D, 2D, File Based
• Media sizes:
Minimum: 127 millimeters by 135 millimeters
Maximum: 250 millimeters by 356 millimeters
• Standard sheet feeder capacity: 350 sheets
• Inserter feeder capacity: 350 inserts
• High-capacity sheet feeder capacity
• Letter envelope capacity: 500 envelopes
• Max number of feeders: eight
(four high-capacity sheet feeders + four sheet/insert feeders)


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