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Innovative Picking Technology brings 14 years of experience building Pick to Light and order processing systems and our exclusive Lifetime Warranty to the vending industry. Your 1st choice for pre-kitting operations. See a demonstration of this technology at or by clicking here

IPTI is currenty located approximately 25 miles West of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In spring of 2003 we moved into our brand new larger building just a few miles west of our previous location. Our IPTI facilities now total 12,000 sq.ft. This main facility is used for all business operations including sales, marketing, business operations, support, engineering, manufacturing, and storage.

IPTI was incorporated in 1994 by Darin Danelski (President). Danielle Ireland (Vice-President) joined as Vice-President in 1996. Darin Danelski holds a Professional Engineers License in the State of Wisconsin with a BS in mechanical engineering and a minor in electronics. Danielle Ireland holds a BS in Computer Science and minor in business.

Prior to incorporating, Darin Danelski was the Systems Division Manager for Dorner Manufacturing in Hartland, WI for 11 years. Dorner is a manufacturer of automation and sortation systems for assembly and order fulfimment. Darin Danelski specialized in design and integration of custom order fulfillment and returns processing machines using complete automation. During the integration of several order fulfillment systems, Darin realized that Pick to Light systems were very expensive and often could not be justified. With his background in electronics, he designed a new low cost, full featured, pick to light system based on a snap-in BUS design. This design became the envy of all other pick to light manufacturers and is now duplicated in several of their designs.

The Pick-Max pick to light system has evolved to become the most productive pick to light system available. It offers more features at the pick face than any other system available. It has been incorporated into IPTI's patented RF cart technology and is integral to IPTI's new i-Sorterâ„¢ automated sorter.

In 1996, IPTI developed a partnership with SI Handling in Easton, PA and installed several large systems for their customers under the trade name of ACCUPIC. This private label arrangement continues today.
IPTI has developed relationships with several vendors and subcontracts the majority of it's product assembly. This arrangement allows IPTI to adjust quickly to changes in production requirements by utilizing multiple vendors.

IPTI had built custom automated machinery for the production of the BUS extrusion integral to its product line. A high power industrial laser-machining center was purchased in 1998 to facilitate efficient and accurate machining of the pick modules and other components manufactured by IPTI.

IPTI's greatest strength is its ability to innovate and provide solutions that truly meet customer expectations. The Pick-Max system is designed to be very flexible and meets most customer's needs with little customization. IPTI is very strong in software development and customizes every system to meet the exact needs of the customer. Post sale support is second to none as will be confirmed through contacts with IPTI's references. Software is very reliable and needs little post sale support.

The Pick-Max system utilizes a very open architecture and, because of this fact, is used by several integrators throughout the country. IPTI is the only PTL company willing to allow customers and integrators to control the PTL system themselves. IPTI has partnerships with several resellers and integrators who are very familiar with IPTI's hardware. These integrators can act as remote/local support vendors for IPTI in the event there is a need.

IPTI is recognized as the innovator and that fact separates us from the competition. IPTI first introduced the Snap-In BUS concept and it has been copied by several of its competitors since. IPTI introduced the RF Batch PicKart and after exhibiting it at a major trade show, was soon copied by several of it's competitors. IPTI created the Watch-Me system that makes its pick to light zoneless and the most productive PTL available. Innovations such as these and others currently in development will continue to make IPTI the vendor to follow!