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Assurety Consulting Inc.® AIMS™ - Assurety Integrated Mailing System™ is a web based, full-service IMb, scalable mailing post presort software that allows centralized Mail.dat editing, processing and reporting; Mail.XML communications with the Postal Service and mailing and shipping partners and helps with postal full-service verification compliance, mail volume optimization, communication and tracking of mail with postal service and mailers/consolidators. AIMS also helps track your mail and your IMb full-service and seamless acceptance data quality which can cause invoicing post induction and surprise the mailers.

AIMS supports both IDEAlliance® Mail.dat® and Mail.XML® based business functions.

AIMS Features/products include:

MailAssurety™ -- is the best Mail.dat editor in the market. Easy to use, single workflow, centralized Mail.dat and Mail.XML data processing. Global Mail.dat editing templates for consolidators are available. Automated and centralized validations, upload, and editing capabilities to manage Mailing data in Mail.dat as the mailing goes through planning, production, and logistics processes. Merge and split mailings and presort mail streams.

TrackingAssurety™ - Early / Late proactive reporting. Complete tracking of your mail pieces in trays, pallets with the USPS, consolidators and logistics companies. Tracking using IMb Full Service Pallet scans, tray scans, and bundle scan data. Pre and post induction eInduction and Seamless Acceptance reporting capabilities. Receive your full-service ACS COA and Nixie data.

PalletAssurety™ - Palletize loose trays and sacks from multiple mail streams from single or multiple Mail.dat mailings. Merge mailings, create consolidated mailings and communicate with postal service. CSA based palletization for First Class mail with easy to use templates is part of the solution.

ShipmentAssurety™ - Automated and centralized management of dropship and origin entry appointments and full-service IMcb content with the USPS FAST system. As a mailer who is giving their pallets to logistics companies, track where you pallets are with logistics companies and induction closeout. Complete eInduction status reporting and support for non-surface visibility sites. Reports on postal appointment induction even when you are not the scheduler of appointments are available.

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