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Disaster Recovery Services



You deal with the demands of print and mail production every day document tracking, mail piece integrity, postal discounts, critical mail dates! Your statements, your invoices, your payroll, your customer communications...

Where will you print and mail these documents if something happens to your facility or personnel?

And what about the critical processes you use to insure the integrity of your documents. Can they afford to be dismissed at the time of a disaster?

With Mail-Gard as your print-to-mail recovery provider you won't have to worry. We can produce your jobs, duplicate your requirements and get your mail out when you need it and how you need it.

Mail-Gard is the nation's leading provider of print-to-mail continuity and recovery services. Serving Fortune 1000 and federal & state government clients for over 12 years, our experience says it all 100% successful recoveries every time. In the event of a business interruption, Mail-Gard can provide the communications, print and inserting requirements you need in order to keep the critical flow of communications to your customers, keeping you in compliance and keeping you in business.