Full Service Certified Mail Solutions

If you need automated mailing solutions we can help. Let us process your certified, first class, registered, and certificate of mailing. Just send us the data and we will process, print and mail. You can even access your account online to receive tracking and reports for 7 years.

Quick Mail Solution: Are you ready to start mailing? Then upload a Word or PDF document, enter your address, select your mailing options and we will print and mail. Your mail piece will be entered into the USPS mail stream the following day. You will be able to view tracking and print reports for 7 years.

Custom Mail Solution: Do you have special requirements for your mailing? Is your data on a mainframe? Does your mail need to go same day? This solution is designed to fit your corporate needs. We will work directly with your team to customize a mailing solution for you.


In-House Certified Mail Envelope Solutions

Envelope System Solution: This solution is ideal for sending original documents such as contracts, tax returns, notices and checks. You simply login to your secure account, enter the address, apply postage and print. Your mail is now ready.

We also have a turn-key solution for mail houses and large volume customers.

ETC-Electronic Tracking and Confirmation® and ERR-Electronic Return Receipt®

Our ETCSM service provides you with access to our exclusive ETC-Electronic Tracking Confirmation® software which allows you to track and receive daily information about all of your mailings electronically. FCSI developed a patented cutting edge process and website to manage, track and receive reports electronically for each letter mailed. Our ETCSM search feature allows clients to slice and dice data using custom search fields in addition to article numbers, name and address. Our patented system lists Certified Mail article numbers and the date and time letters enter the mail stream. Tracking information is updated daily to assist you in monitoring each letter to its final delivery destination. After the client finds the information through the ETCSM search our ERRSM service then allows the client to generate and print written reports exclusive to FCSI including e-Signature, manifest as well as our exclusive ERR-Electronic Return Receipt® for each certified mail piece that was mailed and mail pieces are retained for seven years or more for the client. No more waiting on a green card returned through the mail stream!