Satori Software provides mailers of all levels with contact data quality and mailing preparation solutions that meet their needs -- from those those who prefer wizard-based processes to those that need automated, document management systems and the most advanced sorts.

Use Satori solutions confident that you have the technology and support you need to efficiently prepare USPS compliant mailings. Our CASS and PAVE certified software delivers comprehensive mailing preparation, including support for Full-Service Intelligent Mail, integrated 48-month NCOALink Move Update processing and more.

As changes to postal regulations have become more frequent and far-reaching, we recognize that you need more from your mailing software provider. We work on your behalf both in the industry and to deliver all you need for mail preparation from list management and enrichment, to post-presort refinement and submission.

In short, you can rest assured you are partnering with a postal industry leader who values your business and continually works to stay ahead of industry changes that will impact your mailing operation.

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