Jet Letter LLC delivers variable data printing software without compromise. Jet Letter s PageBuilder suite of VDP solutions delivers uncompromising performance, versatility and value. The important point is that PSL PageBuilder is a brand new, 21st century software product. All other vdp solutions are ?OLD? in that they are based on PostScript and were designed when PCs had nowhere near the capabilities they now have. Consequently they adopted a much more ?process? oriented architecture than is now possible and exhibited in PSL. With PSL PageBuilder PRO every time the refresh button is hit the PSL code generated by the PageBuilder GUI is executed and the PDF displayed is exactly what will be printed.

The drag & drop interface is built on top of the PSL command language. The interface becomes a code writing wizard and as such, can be customized to meet any production requirement. Simple jobs such as postcards can be designed in minutes. N-Up work is created automatically. Simple postcard and letter jobs can be created, literally, in minutes. Complex transactional documents can be delivered in less time than ever. The PageBuilder suite delivers much more value than competing vdp products. There are no limits to the complexity of jobs.

We invite you to take the Jet Letter challenge. Bring us your biggest VDP challenge and learn firsthand how the flexibility and power of PageBuilder PRO will exceed your expectations and give you the tools to grow your business. We mean it! Send us, or call about the most challenging jobs you have or anticipate. We may just do it for you.

Jet Letter s PageBuilder products are compatible with any Windows printer or digital print engine. Users do not require a dedicated server. PageBuilder will integrate with your existing PDF workflow as PageBuilder will output PDF natively as well as PPML, Postscript.

Fully functional evaluation copies of the products are available. We invite you to learn all that Jet Letter can do for you today by visiting our website. Even better just call us -- ask for Tom at 949-721-8786 or email us at